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Fun game, pricing model needs revision

Cute game, love the record feature! The number of in app purchases needed to enjoy it fully are a bit much. Price bundling the categories would make for a better user experience.

Bleb Review

It’s a great app but I’m not happy about paying .99 cents for additional categories.

Fun Fun Fun!!! Best game Ever

This is so much fun!! Finally a game that actually the stuff we talk about and laugh about! We just love it!

Played all night for New Year!

Only drawback I couldn’t purchase any of the add ons due to an error

Great Game

Having a blast so much I purchased additional packages. Really enjoying the game but turned off the video and mic. Is there a settings button? How do you restore these features?

Love it

I was waiting for something like this we have so much fun with this.

Good, but it can be great!

The app is fun with its beginning 6 games, but I don’t like the fact I paid $1.99 for it. The price would be fine if I didn’t have to pay $.99 for every single new category. It’s good there’s a lot of options and people can choose which ones they want as opposed to being forced to buy bundles that people may only want 2 out of the 5 categories. But yeah, I think the app should either be free (so the first 6 categories are free and people would still have to buy the any of the categories they choose) or to fit the $1.99 price it should have more categories from the jump. Also, the app could use Black History categories in different fields like international, science and civil rights and a Black Youtuber category.


Need a little more variety per category. It’s a fun game.


popped this sucker out for the family at christmas and they had a ball!!! i done paid .99 separately for at least 7 categories (blah) but it was worth it. watching the videos now and the only suggestion i would make is that the playback gives the clue (like heads up). and also more variety bc after like two rounds the clues would repeat.

Great game, still has bugs

Great, fun game. There is a problem with duplicate clues popping up over and over. Fix that and all will be good.

So disappointing

Considering that you pay for this game, I’m so disappointed. First off, after paying for the game you then have to pay extra 99 cents for additional categories. The categories that come with the purchase have limited cards and they get repeated EVERY round. There’s no room for fun or even real completion. I don’t know what’s preventing them from adding more variety but I they need to take care of that quickly. This was a complete waste of money. I wanted to love it but I simply can’t.

Love this game

Great mix of topics. I am sure i am Not the first to request other HBCUs (FAMU) and at least 8 subjects for free since we are already paying for the app.

Has potential

This is a fun game to play but not cool that you have to pay for the game AND pay for each additional category. This excludes a large part of the community. The games that come in the initial purchased version (without buying any additional categories) are limited and have limited answers that end up appearing in each round, so you get the same answers a lot of the time. Rating would improve if the game had one upfront purchase price that included all categories, or if the free categories were actually free and then all additional categories could be purchased as a bundle, and if there were more things to guess in each section.

You did that

I am so inspired ! Thank you for such a game that I feel so connected to

So much fun!

Thanks Jesse Williams. We love you!

What I’ve been waiting for!!!

If you like playing games with family and friends and you were raised in an African American household, you will will not be disappointed with this game. The categories in BleBrity are well thought out and will have you and your family and friends crying with laughter. I fell on the floor laughing at the “Momma Phrases” category and couldn’t continue my round. BleBrity is a great game to play with cousins and play cousins during the holidays. The reason for my 4-star is because there are a few categories missing (according to the categories listed on their website-LGBT, The Queen, Prince, and 80s babies). I would love to play those categories, too.

I wanna love this sooo much

I can’t download any of the paid games and I can’t hear Jessie Williams explain how to play. I want to love it but it won’t let me.


You have to pay for each category that’s ridiculous

Not working

Can’t enable microphone or camera. Can’t hear the ‘how to play’ video either. I’ve contacted tech support for assistance.

So much fun!

This game is so much fun to play during holiday functions and gatherings in general.

Y’all got allll my bday iTunes $$

Yooo! This game is hilarious! I had to buy like 5 extra game packs cause we were having too much fun! Thank you for a great game that my family can enjoy and take strolls down memory lane 🙏🏾💓🙌🏾👏🏾

Fix the correct and wrong signals

Up and down is messed up.

Fun but needs improvement

The game is fun and the content is challenging, however there needs to be a way to custom the time for each round of play. Also a lot of the categories give repeat clues within the next round which is annoying.

Amazing Awesome!!!

If you want to keep your black card, go ahead and get this game! A lot of fun.

Good concept but... Too glitchy

I bought the game and several add ons and guess what, couldn't even play it for Thanksgiving family game night. That was the whole point of me buying it. The game passes on its own, the timer is inaccurate, and it gets stuck on cards.

Family fun!

This will make everyone laugh, particularly when you watch the video play afterwards!


One of the best apps! This app is so much fun!

Finally!!! A game for US!!! Love it

This game is genius! Love the categories and overall design itself. Thank you Jesse Williams and crew for creating. I’ve already bought like most of the categories lol. We couldn’t stop! To the developers, on the next release version, there are a few bugs you may want to consider fixing because it’s destroying usability- 1. When Recording the game, the video doesn’t switch to landscape mode instead it remains in portrait mode. 2. “Place on forehead” remains on screen when phrases appear. 3. At the end of the game, there is no indication letting user know the time ran out. 4. When turning the phone down or up to indicate answer is wrong or correct, the phone keeps the same phrase listed. 5. Replaying the same category causes the same phrases to repeat itself. I wanted to send this to Blebrity private but your website didn’t have a feedback link. To people who are considering buying, don’t allow a few bugs to deter you. Buy this!!! We have to help and have patience. There are going to be kinks in anything. Just be willingly to roll with the punches. Let’s make Blebrity #1!!! I’ve told everyone about it who would listen and after showing them, they downloaded it too. Developers, if you need more QA let me know. I’ll be happy to assist for free. My profession is QA. This app has it all!!! Good content, dope design and super intuitive! Great great great App!!!

Fun Game. Buggy App. Wait for update.

Family had fun playing despite the technical glitches. I'd recommend waiting to let them work out the kinks. Felt like we were beta testing. Developer here are some notes: -clock blocks answers -category doesn't end when clock times out -auto-answers without a risk flick

Doesn’t Work

Says place on your forehead and doesn’t work.

For the Culture!

Love this app, because it's for black people and buy black people. My family and friends will thoroughly enjoy this!!



Didn’t work

When we answer the questions the timer will keep ticking and eventually says “wrong” no fun needs help with sensitivity


The game is fun but redundant and very limiting. You pay for the app thinking it’s the whole game only to find out you don’t open levels as you go but you have to pay an additional.99 cent for EACH category outside of the first six offered for free play. Fun but not that caught to pay for anything behind the six which soon fizzled out because it had the same answers with one or two new ones sprinkled in. #Disappointed


Movie, Good Men category malfunctions, says all questions are incorrect even if they’re correct. This game has been a total waste of money.


It doesn’t work. It’s says place on forehead and won’t respond to movement.

Buying error

Great game but each time I tried to buy a new category I kept getting errors and I’m unable to purchase. Please fix.

Great Fun!!!

This game is awesome and makes for a real good time. I tested it out with a few friends before playing unveiling at at Thanksgiving dinner 2017. The answers are really good and I like that you can view playback of your friends trying to get you to real the choices. My only problem that I have is when it’s time for the answers to change the “Hold Phone to Head” or whatever it says doesn’t vanish when the answers begin to show up, making it hard to play. Please fix this Jesse ☺️. Other than that the game is the bomb and I love the HBCU Love!!!!!

A lot of potential... but a lot of kinks to be ironed out.

So far, I’ve had a great time playing the game however the technological errors occurring are getting in the way of the fun. 50% of the time questions will automatically skip, I’m assuming the sensitivity level is set way too high. We’re also finding that with the free categories you’ll run into a lot of back to back repeated questions, that’s no fun. Good game overall, but these kinks need to be ironed out ASAP.

Blebrity App

Just purchased this app simply because I read an article about it...”I’m just here to root for all the Black people”👍🏾‼️ Will be excited to try this out on the fam over Thanksgiving 🦃.

Nonstop Laughs

Played this last night w/ friends and we laughed the ENTIRE time. Game is a great buy and the categories are on point. I only give 3 stars because there were a few operational glitches with category loading, video playback, and answers just marking themselves correct/incorrect occasionally. I’m hoping next round of updates knocks this out. SOLID GAME THO! You won’t be disappointed.

Buy it!

Great party game!

Few kinks

The timing and sensitivity of the game is off but love the concept!

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